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South Florida has traditionally been a magnet for retirees from across North America. People generally experience greater health care needs as they age, and as a result of this demand, the region has some of the best health care in the United States. Palm Beach County, with its affluent population and active, outdoor Florida lifestyle also boasts a population focused on positive health and wellness. It will be no surprise that the area has abundant resources for both young and old, with high quality care from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Palm Beach County’s health care is primarily divided between two major hospital systems: Tenet Healthcare Corp. and HCA East Florida, and insurance premiums have remained lower than in the two other metro counties, Broward and Dade. The Sun-Sentinel reported in January 2015 that “Physicians in Palm Beach County are more independent, resisting forming large groups or integrating with the hospitals.” This independent streak has helped keep the insurance premiums down.

Rapid adoption of technological innovations

South Florida’s hospitals are forward thinking institutions and constantly seek to adopt new and effective technologies to benefit their patents and communities.

Delray Medical Center in Delray Beach and St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach recently announced the offering of an integrated neurosurgical technology using 3D tractography to visualize surgical paths within the brain. This allows surgeons to design minimally invasive surgeries for patients with deeply seated brain tumors, or who have suffered from strokes.

Minimally invasive surgical techniques using the newest and most advanced equipment are being implemented at hospitals and outpatient surgical centers throughout Palm Beach County. Everything from gallbladder surgery to knee, shoulder and hip replacement is now performed using minimally invasive techniques, and with a large retired population needing such surgeries, these methods are in high demand and are now widely available.

With a “silver tsunami” of Baby Boomers planning to retire to Florida over the next 30 years, Scripps Research and Jupiter Medical Center have proposed a partnership with Palm Beach Gardens-based NuVista Living to create a $70 million medical research center in Abacoa, which is a community within the outer city limits of Jupiter.

The goal is for the institute to bring health care, academia and research together to expand research horizons in geriatric medicine and care.

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