Diverse Housing Options in Palm Beach County



Palm Beach County offers a high diversity of housing options, in prices ranging from highly affordable to those only affordable to the wealthy.

Many cities in Florida began as small towns, but with the advent of inexpensive air conditioning in the 1960s, a housing boom began that hardly slowed since. In one town you may find historic Art Deco homes from the 1920s, vintage ranch style homes from the 1960s and ‘70s, and modern condominiums, townhouses, and updated homes with all the amenities expected by today’s homebuyer. Communities may be laid out in suburban style grids, or grouped into small mini-developments around a golf course or lake. Gated, walled communities can be found in nearly every town, as well as large lifestyle communities focused on 55+ living or the country club life.

Many of these developments offer a variety of housing options. With a wide open landscape available to them, developers spread out instead of up, and an efficient system of highways and commuter trains has grown up to link the chains of towns and cities up and down the coast.

No matter what you’re looking for in a house and a neighborhood to call your own, you’ll find something that is distinctive and something that fits well with your new South Florida lifestyle.  The county might be large, but it’s also welcoming of all types of people.  It’s a place you can call, Home.

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