Lake Worth

Lake Worth, Florida is a vibrant community at the intersection of form and function.Lake Worth is the geographic and artistic center of Palm Beach County.
Lake Worth
Sunrise over the Lake Worth Lagoon estuary at North Palm Beach, Florida via kayak. // Image Courtesy of Bob Peterson

City Population: 37,812

Lake Worth, Florida is a vibrant community at the intersection of form and function. An extraordinary place where tranquility meets creativity, where the sun shines bright, and the ideas shine even brighter. Where warm tropics meet hot topics, and where the power of potential turns every day into a blank canvas.  This isn’t just a lifestyle. It’s an art form.

The Atlantic Ocean and the broad waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon form the city’s east boundary and the beautiful fresh waters of Lake Osborne sits west.  Next door to Palm Beach, Lake Worth is situated along the latitude making it the northern most point of the subtropics.  Lake Worth is truly the place “where the tropics begin”.   Lake Worth is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with a strong social and environmental consciousness. People are drawn to the city by its independent character, acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, many historic structures, hip downtown, and distinctive residential neighborhoods. The city has a rich history and is protective of its historic architectural fabric. Over 1,000 historic buildings contribute to the human scale and charm of the downtown and residential areas.

“Palm Beach County owns the phrase ‘Florida’s Cultural Capital’® for very good reason…Palm Beach County’s heart beats from a wide range of cultural opportunities, including music, dance, museums and theaters.” – Myatt Murphy, Sky Magazine

Lake Worth is the geographic and artistic center of Palm Beach County. The downtown area is considered the artistic soul of Lake Worth, with a historic theater and a museum, live music clubs, coffee houses, art galleries, antique malls, retail stores, and many restaurants.

The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County is headquartered in historic downtown Lake Worth.  The Cultural Council is Palm Beach County’s official arts agency and serves non-profit cultural organizations and professional artists throughout the county.  LULA Lake Worth Arts unifies the local art community around a shared vision and invests in partnerships that support the talent and creative community in Lake Worth.  The City of Lake Worth solidly supports the arts through public-private partnerships and long-term planning to promote the creative spirit.

The Lake Worth Playhouse, the oldest building on the register of the Art Deco Society of Palm Beach County, has provided over 60 years of excellence in the performing arts.

The Duncan Theatre – Where Great Dance & Music Live! – brings in top performances from across the United States and beyond.

For visual art connoisseurs and artists:  The Lake Worth Art League presents many opportunities to see and purchase outstanding works of art by local artists at their gallery and at outdoor art shows.  Clay Glass Metal Stone Cooperative Gallery features the works of 20 local artists and has created an extensive schedule of classes for those who would like to learn.

The City of Lake Worth has supported the growth of arts industry in a big way.  By dedicating two city-owned buildings and forming strategic alliances, the arts are thriving in Lake Worth.

The Armory Arts Annex – has recently opened in a renovated space – and now offers gallery space and programming.  But the crowning jewel is the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts.  Housed in a historic train depot, the center offers a glassworks studio, gallery and gift shop.  Opening soon will be a metal works studio capable of pouring 69,000 pounds of bronze per year.  Both projects are recipients of Cultural Facilities Grants from the State of Florida.

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