Companies Invest $100 Million in Palm Beach County, Relocating & Expanding with Help of Business Development Board

New jobs for the area have helped get Palm Beach County's unemployment rate to a nine-year low!

Ramatex relocating to South Florida creating dozens of Jobs

Ramatex International is an environmentally conscious company manufacturing and distributing garments and home textiles made from 100 percent recycled fibers

Palm Beach Business Associations & Networking Groups

If you're moving to Palm Beach County, there are some great professional associations and networking groups available.

Business Taxes, Sales Tax and Licensing

Every city in the county offers business incentives, including possible tax incentives.

Educating a Competitive Work Force

Palm Beach County is home to five universities, as well as numerous research institutions.

Market Access to the Caribbean

Port of Palm Beach has approximately 80 percent of its cargo being exported, creating a positive trade balance.

Major Industries of Palm Beach: Manufacturing

Palm Beach County has a diverse manufacturing sector.

Major Industries of Palm Beach: Life Sciences

Palm Beach County is the core of the basic biomedical research community in Florida.

Major Industries of Palm Beach: IT and Telecommunications

The first IBM personal computers were designed and manufactured in Palm Beach County.

Major Industries of Palm Beach: Healthcare

Palm Beach County’s healthcare industry is vital to its economy, providing over 80,000 jobs in 4,800 healthcare-related businesses.

Major Industries of Palm Beach: Equestrian

No other place in the world can compare with the concentration of sport horses in Palm Beach County.

Major Industries of Palm Beach: Distribution and Logistics

Palm Beach County has convenient access to world markets via the port.