Choosing Excellence in Education at St. Joan of Arc


Summer is winding down, school supplies are popping up on store shelves, and parents across South Florida are thinking about the first day of school. Choosing the best learning environment is a tall order for any parent—and in South Florida the options are plenty.

Too often parents feel pressured to choose a school that sacrifices one critical factor for another. Whether it’s proximity to home, caliber of teachers, or a shared set of values—choosing where to educate your child shouldn’t be about compromise. It should be about finding a learning environment that fits all of the educational, cultural, and spiritual needs for your family.

That’s where St. Joan of Arc Catholic School comes into play. There simply is no compromise. Grounded in the tradition of the church and their own history in South Florida, St. Joan of Arc Catholic School provides top-rated education in a state of the art environment. The school has expanded from just 70 students in 1960 to more than 500 students, from pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade today.

St. Joan of Arc is a U.S. Department of Education “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) Blue Ribbon School of Academic Excellence, an award recognizing academic excellence in American schools. The curriculum builds on the high standards set forth by the Diocese of Palm Beach and is actualized in a 1:1 digital learning environment, including a take-home iPad program. Students from St. Joan go on to be top performers at local high schools. In the past ten years, 19 high school valedictorians or salutatorians have been St. Joan of Arc alumni.

Traditional classroom education is complemented by a host of enrichment programs. These courses, groups, and clubs are designed to expose students to a wide array of activities that may develop into hobbies, skills, and even careers. Arts programs include everything from introductory ballet, to drama, to creative culinary experiences. On the field, students can choose from 17 different sports teams, including golf, soccer, and everything in between. Behind the screen, computer and technical classes give students a leg up on high school curriculum and real world skills with computer coding and graphic design.

St. Joan of Arc takes a whole-community approach to education, grounding lessons in faith and incorporating family participation at every turn. The parents of St. Joan of Arc are known for their dedication to supporting a community-first environment. They organize events like Grandparents Day, welcome new parents through the Home and School Team, sew costumes for plays, and coach players on the field. Their participation is what brings together the dynamic learning environment that makes St. Joan of Arc students so successful.

St. Joan of Arc is now accepting new students applications. Questions about enrollment and the St. Joan of Arc community can be directed to Mrs. Debora Bradley at 561-392-7974 or email


Computer and Technical Skills

  • STREAM and Lego Robotics
  • Hydroponics & Aeroponics
  • Plant Growth Technology
  • Tech Club
  • Digital Class
  • Computer Coding
  • Video Television Production
  • 3D Printing


  • Book Clubs
  • eNewsletter
  • Youth Toastmasters
  • Debate

Learning Clubs and Programs

  • Math 24 Games Club
  • Family Science Lab Nights
  • MaxScholar Online Reading
  • Chess Club
  • Study & Organizational Skills

The Arts

  • Ballet
  • Irish Step Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Drama
  • Band
  • Violin
  • Arteology and Crafts
  • Painters’ Palette
  • Creative Culinary Club
  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design


  • Spanish in all grades
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers
  • Spanish, French, and Italian Clubs


Boys Teams

  • Travel Flag Football (7-8)
  • Intramural Football (5-8)
  • Soccer (5-8)
  • Basketball (5-8)
  • Cross Country (4-8)
  • Baseball (6-8)
  • Tennis (5-8)
  • Golf (5-8)

Girls Teams

  • Volleyball (5-8)
  • Basketball (5-8)
  • Cheerleading (5-8)
  • Flag Football (5-8)
  • Soccer (5-8)
  • Softball (5-8)
  • Tennis (5-8)
  • Golf (5-8)
  • Cross Country (4-8)

Phone: 561-392-7974
Fax: 561-368-6671

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