Turtle River Montessori School

Turtle River Montessori School is offering a dynamic private education to children in the Palm Beach and surrounding areas.
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Turtle River Montessori School (TRM) is an accredited Preschool through High School independent school program with eco-friendly campuses in Jupiter, Florida. Established in 1994 by a group of homeschooling parents, Turtle River Montessori is one of the few Montessori schools in the area that follows the philosophy laid down by Dr. Maria Montessori in its entirety.

Each of TRM’s programs ignite students’ natural desire to learn by providing a responsive environment that enables the discovery and development of each students’ unique interests. Starting at the youngest ages (18 months) and into their teens (high school), students engage in multi-sensory explorations, independent problem-solving, and responsible citizenship within their community. Dr. Maria Montessori’s child-led education philosophy is backed up by over 50 years of peer-reviewed research that confirm that these education practices consistently produce inspired, highly engaged, compassionate, critical-thinkers, and life-long learners.

Turtle River Montessori provides classroom environments with a three-year mixed-aged span to foster leadership and mentoring. Each classroom is led by a fully trained Montessori teacher and full-time assistants to keep the adult to child ratios between 1:9.



High School (10th – 12th grades)

While providing a balanced, comprehensive scope of rigorous college preparatory academics, we also offer concentrations in: Entrepreneurship & Global Citizenship, Health and Healing Sciences, Sustainability and Permaculture, Digital Media & Visual Arts, Labs & Studios.

We are committed to providing flexible schedules that accommodate: advanced placement, dual enrollment, and professional student-athletes and performers.

Junior High School – (7th – 9th grades)

Increasingly abstract academic concepts are taught in social, hands-on contexts to help keep pace with the psychosocial development of early-teenaged students.

The curriculum is designed as a three-year program of continuous progression of the following courses: language, speech, foreign language, physical education, service learning, fine arts, music, media and geography.

The use of scoring for assignments, participation, quizzes and tests is incorporated with online grade books to allow parents to monitor their child’s progress at any time.

Upper Elementary (4th – 6th grades)

Our students test off the charts when it comes time to enter Middle School, but the most important qualities instilled in a Montessori environment are these: Self-Esteem, Student Empowerment and Individual Responsibility, Self-Motivation and Self-Organization, Love of Learning, Global Viewpoint, Strong Basis in Abstract Concepts, and Critical Thinking Skills.

These life skills combined with our robust curriculum prepare them well for High School and beyond.


Lower Elementary (1st – 3rd grades)

The hallmark of Montessori Education, especially during the formative elementary years, is the use of hands-on materials, which clearly define abstract topics like multiplication, algebra, geometry and language skills in a fun, challenging manner. This allows children to progress at their own pace.

Primary Program (Pre-K3 – Kindergarten)

Our Primary program classrooms offer a variety of activities and materials to help impart basic concepts of language, math, science, botany, zoology and cultural subjects in conjunction with music, physical education, art, foreign languages and gardening.

Our Elementary Program has a vast curriculum covering all of the Sunshine State’s Standards and goes far beyond the minimum levels of exposure to advanced concepts in all of the subjects. The multi-age grouping provides children with opportunities for broad social development.

Pre-Primary Program (Pre-K3 – Kindergarten)

Designed to gently transition children from home to school, the Turtle River Montessori program encourages exploration, cooperative learning, order, a sense of community among children and the opportunity for toddlers to become increasingly independent.

The classrooms are carefully planned to meet the needs of developing minds, organized for the toddler’s convenience with freedom of choice and movement.

Labs & Studios

Hands-on, experiential learning is a cornerstone of the TRM program. All students have access to:

  • STEM Lab
  • Permaculture Land Lab
  • Art Studio
  • Music Studio
  • Digital Media Studios

Campus Locations

The Pre-Primary (18 months – Kindergarten) campus is located at 740 Indiantown Road; and our Primary (Elementary – High School) campus is located 926 Maplewood Drive, both in Jupiter, Florida.

For more information or questions about our school, please email Lisa Cuomo, Executive Director at lcuomo@turtlerivermontessori.com or call 561-745-1995.

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