Allegro Residents on the Move


Age is only a number. At least that is what many of our residents will tell you as they make the most of their golden years. Hearing their stories is motivation that you are never too old to help others and make your dreams come true. Read more to learn about our inspirational residents, who have overcome obstacles to stay active, pursue their passion(s) and help the community around them.  

Meet Phil

Age: 97 years young

Hobbies/Passion: Protecting his community

Phil volunteers weekly for the Delray police department and has been doing so for the past 21 years.  He used to be a ‘citizen on patrol’ but now he is in charge of the entire program.  He has also received 2 Presidential citations, one from President George Bush and one from President Barack Obama for 21 years of service with the Delray Police Deptment.  Outside of his time with the Delray police department, Phil finds time to sit on the council board for Allegro. He is always smiling and filled with a positive spirit. 

Meet Anita

Age: 89 years young

Hobbies/Passion: Entertaining others through music

Anita has Parkinson’s disease but she doesn’t let this stop her from doing what she loves. She is a very talented piano player and as part of her own therapy to battle this disease she plays the piano in our bistro. As soon as she sits down on that bench and her fingers touch the keys, her hands stop shaking and it is wonderful.  The residents and associates at Allegro enjoy hearing her music and encourage her to play for them. 


Meet Margaret

Age: 90 Years Young

Hobbies/Passion: Pottery

At 90 years old, Margaret continues to create beautiful pottery pieces inspired by her years living next to the beach.

After taking an entire year off from her 15-year career as a teacher, Margaret perfected her gift for throwing pottery on the wheel.

Margaret was one of the founding members of the Clay Network and continues to be an integral part of the group.  



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All photos courtesy of Allegro Senior Living

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