Palm Beach Equestrian Living Communities


Florida’s history as both a resort for the wealthy and an agricultural paradise for both ranchers and farmers has resulted in a large equestrian community in Palm Beach County, with dozens of gated and/or planned communities catering to those who love living with horses and other large animals – though horse ownership is not usually required. Those who enjoy open, natural spaces will also find these communities a welcoming home. Like other lifestyle communities, some may be 55+ while others are family-oriented.

Most equestrian focused communities have homes with attached facilities for the care and maintenance of horses and large animals. These properties tend to have multi-acre lots of a larger size than typically available in a suburban setting. Some homes can host one or two horses, while others may accommodate a much larger number. These communities have extensive support for equestrian activities, including miles of trails, horse parks, and training rings. Some offer small private airport access as well.

You may expect to pay either annual or monthly maintenance fees for common areas, and possibly other fees related to upkeep of trails and the use of various facilities. Some communities may allow animals other than horses, for example, cattle or llamas. Some homes are designed to accommodate large numbers of animals. Equestrian Communities in the area include:

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