Taking Stock of Yourself as You Prepare to Retire & Move


When making retirement housing plans, there’s no denying that the number and diversity of choices available might make the process feel overwhelming. Begin by taking a personal inventory that takes into account personal living expenses, health, interests, and expectations.

Budget Inventory: Make a list of monthly expenses, from rental or housing fees to day-to-day living expenses such as dry cleaning and energy bills to current or anticipated medical expenses. The point is to be realistic about everyday expenses now, so there are no rude surprises later.

Lifestyle Inventory: Active golf enthusiasts, for example, might want close proximity to a local golf course. Those who want to use this time for community involvement might want to live close to schools, churches or community centers, while others who want to continue developing and pursuing an active lifestyle might want easy access to hike and bike trails or fitness centers. Again, being realistic on the front end helps determine smart choices that can only benefit later.

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