What Are Active Senior Housing Communities?


Many seniors find that they simply do not want to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of a home, preferring to spend their leisure time in other ways. Independent seniors in good health may find that they need nothing more than a community where they can fully enjoy pursuing their personal interests. For them, moving to an active independent living retirement community might be the best fit for their budget and lifestyle, where options include renting an apartment or the outright purchase of a property in a senior community.

Many active senior communities have information packets that may be requested in advance, and offer tours of the community itself. A personal visit will give valuable, first-hand information and an opportunity to visit with current residents who can offer their own experiences and provide an insider’s view on the community. Be sure to determine that personal interests and pursuits are offered, such as health and fitness programs, organized activities, or sports.

Other day-to-day living arrangements should also be considered, such as shopping centers and grocery stores within easy walking distance. Are transportation services provided, if needed? Where is the community located in proximity to major health care providers? And, what security measures are in place for residents? For ultimate peace of mind, some seniors rent a home under a short-term agreement at first to make sure the community provides for their needs and lives up to their expectations.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of Palm Beach County Active Adult & Independent Living Communities for your convenience.

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